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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  November 8, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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sunset now at 4:59. no more 5 p.m. sunlight for the rest of the year. just the way it goes. 4:59 on the clocks. and that means we are 12 hours away from sunset. let's say good morning to tanya. >> reporter: good morning. i will have to buy one of those lights to keep it light when it doesn't get dark. 29 southbound at 175 in columbia. we have roadwork clearing out of the way. look live at our traffic cameras, through catonsville on the beltway outer loop has traffic building with the oncoming traffic. we have no incidents on either loop. we are doing okay. jfx at coldspring lane light traffic a few cars going southbound. no problems to report as you make your way towards the 41st street overpass and downtown towards fayette street. follow the information at maryland traffic on twitter and we will post accidents and delay information there. charley, back to you. >> just after one of the grand prix races the inaugural race now it is facing trouble because the company that
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organized the event needs to pay its bills or else. abc2 news corinne redman is standing by with the details and what this could mean for the future of the race here in charm city. corinne. >> reporter: the baltimore grand prix is on endy car 2012 schedule but the first grand prix could be the last in balledmore. because the city threatened to terminate the 5-year contract with grand prix organizers if they don't reconstruct and pay off debt to the city and vendors. baltimore city deputy mayor issued a statement saying baltimore city racing development owes the city more than 1.5 million dollars. it is owed for city services amusement tax revenues and owes vendors hundreds of thousands of more. jay davidson served as the head of the baltimore racing development and stpped aside. group hopes to have a new -- stepped aside. the group hopes to have a new ceo soon. they have been working with the city and vendors to structure payment plans but the city is giving them until december 31st to repay or the city will
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terminate the contract. >> the clock is ticking and they need to show an immediate sense of urgency. it's a great event for the city but it's never going to spit out huge amounts of cash to the investor group or to the city or the state. >> reporter: now some of the vendors have started suing the baltimore racing development group which is facing lawsuits from early investors. corinne redman, abc2 news. it's election day across the country and here in baltimore we are placing our votes for mayor, democrat and current mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is favored to went the general election. alfred griffin and girard a running against her. the 37,000 out of 370,000 registered voters are expected to go to the polls. baltimore voters will weigh in on two referendums. the first is whether to establish a fund to maintain schools and other to lower the age for city council members from 21 to 18.
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abc2 news is working on election day. head to to answer all your voting questions. click on the election day story on the home page and the link for the maryland state board of election and find your polling place and whether or not you are registered and even a sample ballot for you to review. people in locust point are dealing with a major gas outage. 1200 homes could be affected and linda so is live this morning with how long this -- with when it happened and how long it will go on. linda. >> reporter: a new update. it could take a few days before the gas is restored which means if you depend on gas service for heat, you will be out of luck. they have been here all night trying to fix the broken gas main. being see the hole in the ground where they are trying to -- you can see the hole in the ground where they are trying to fix the main. but it's going to be a long tedious provest. we are in the 14 -- process. we are in the 14 hup had been block of fort avenue.
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workers have to go door to door to -- 1400 block of fort avenue. workers have to go door to door to each home to turn the gas off. then they will do test to make sure everything is okay and then they have to go back to each home and turn the gas back on. here's things to know regarding the gas outage. if you smell gas in your home, you need to -- >> technical problems with linda's audio. we will get back to that in a second. but, a few things to know regarding a gas outage. tips for you. if you smell gas in your home, you need to leave the home immediately and call bge. at 800-685-0123 and abe ware theoutage could last a few days and plan accordingly. frances scott elementary school will be open and conserve hot water in your hot water heater don't use propane or kerosine heating devices in your home because it can cause fires and co poisoning. go to for more and
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tips to keep in mind and we will check in with landa -- linda later this morning. a little before 12:30a. fire went through a two-story row home with a family inside. these are photos by baltimore firefighters. eye started near the 5,000 block of beauford in northwest baltimore. investigators say the fire caused some damage to a home next door. no word yet on what caused the fire. new developments this morning in the murder of a frostburg softmore. shanai ligins is charged with killing her but says she told police about a fight at a off campus house party between three men and herself and she says they started punching her and one of them was holding a knife and mccoy was involved. it was one of the men she says who stabbed mccoy and other witnesses say they saw ligins with the knife. a man is in the hospital recovering from being shot by officers in howard county. it happened around 3 yesterday afternoon in hanover near
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louden and melrose. a man what gun and was walk along the railroad tracks to the back parking lot of the industrial park of high tech drive. they ordered him to drop the gun twice but he refused and that's when officers opened fire. the woman who helped rob johns hopkins researchers steven pit carelin spend six years in prison sheecht was sentenced to 30 years but is eligible for parole in six. it was part of a plea deal. she agreed to testify against the man you see there john wagner who was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison for killing pitcairn. charlottesville virginiajudge order yeardley love's medical records be turned over to the attorneys of georgehuguelyp his lawyers want to prove love died from something else other than a blunt force trauma to the head. they are arguing about pretrial publicity and want jurors to
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fill out a questionnaire and be questioned individually. news time 5:06. and you think it would be harmless. but research suggest otherwise. what a study found out about acetominophen and asthma and your child. and is it unconstitutional a young says yes but this -- judge says yes, but this fight is all over will you see graphic pictures on cigarette packs. you are watching "good morning maryland" on this tuesday, november 8th. thanks for starting your day with us. [ sue ] wow!
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now "good morning maryland." news time 5:10. 39 degrees outside. back in september, megan pringle went on what doctors called house arrest and she awaited the arrival of her twins. and i guess it's november 8th and she is waiting. and she has been check in with us periodically to let us know how she is doing by skype. today is her last day. she joins us live for the send off. you said yesterday that anxiety was giving way to pain. >> absolutely.
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i have gone from uncomfortable to actually being in pain. so that's why today is my last day. i am sad because it's been fun checking in with you guys through skype. but, the doctors told me on friday it's going to be any day and it won't be any later than a week from today. so, i think i need the time to rest and give my body break. but it's been an amazing journey and been very exciting. can't wait to actually send you guys a picture of our daughters who clearly have minds of their own and have been very stubborn because the reason why i went on house arrest was the concern that perhaps i would deliver early on one twin would gain more weight than the other and i have to say they have been amazing tenants. they have been such good babies. now i am feeling like all right, time to meet you girls. but i. did want to say thank you to everybody at the station. i am so fortunate that i have been able to work from home and
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thank you to viewers to send the kindest e-mails and nicest messages on facebook. it's been an amazing experience and from the bottom my overfilling heart, i wanted to say thank you. so, this is it. i will be back to work. it will be after my maturnity leave is over and i will have lots of stories and pictures to share when i come back. >> we look forward to that certainly megan. this morning we will check in again in the next hour. but before we do, in case we have commuters, who are heading off to work before 6, will it make you at all uncomfortable to show exactly how far along you are? >> no. just might make people at home a little uncomfortable. i am a little over 37 weeks. and it is a little alarming so brace yourself. but this is what that looks like with twin girls. so. >> wow. >> i am large and in charge charley. the other day i was in the kitchen and walking backwards and my husband went beep.
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beep. because i think i look like a mack truck but you know, by all accounts looking healthy and everything looks good. so, in a week or less, we will have two girls to meet. so i am very excited about it. >> so if they hang around, november 15th is go time correct? >> or sooner. or sooner. i will have a couple test done and they will see if they can do it sooner because it is just getting to the point it's physically painful. as long as it's safe for them, then it's go time. >> all right. >> we will keep you posted. >> all right. see you again in an hour okay? >> okay. time for the a check of the forecast. as we go to queen anne county public schools 90 minute fog delay. and no a.m. pre-k. >> you got that. we have got ourselves fog forming on the eastern shore that delays schools for them. and i think we will see fog forming. good morning. she said good morning on
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facebook and we have a couple other people jeff and the fog was heavy yesterday in harford county. bel air havre de grace area. not seeing that yet. but it could be forming. check out out the almanac. normal high is 59. we hit 69 yesterday and i think we will repeat it again. mary is up at all hours and loves the sunny warm days as she calls it the second spring. we will have another one today. bonnie, terry, good morning to all you. this is how it shapes up right now. dropped to 39 in baltimore. 37 easton a little cool pocket in addition to the moisture from the chesapeake. that's why we have pretty thick fog of the eastern shore and if it is forming now, we have another hour and a half for it to thicken up. in fact, an though the sun comes up at about 6:42, we will see the fog develop until 7, 7:30 when we mix the atmosphere up. we are expecting to have the fog issue in some spots this morning. but otherwise, another sunny late morning midday early afternoon. we will get back up to about 69 degrees. 10 degrees above normal but we
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lose the sun at 4:59 over the western skies. and we will talk about building in more clouds in moment. 5:14 and here's tanya with traffic. good news is inner loop of the beltway at jfx, the earlier medical emergencies is clear. light traffic on the beltway. let's look live at our traffic cameras starting out on 29 at 108. light traffic in both directions. no incidents to report. the roadwork is done on 29 south at 175. 95 south of the beltway, traveling from rossville to rosedale, like that southbound oncoming traffic which is building, you have a smooth ride nothing to worry about there. and you can follow us on twitter at maryland traffic for the latest traffic information including accidents and delays. charley. health news this morning, acetominophen may worse enas mass symptoms in children and adult. report reviewed studied on the medication marked as tylenol n in children who took
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themedication once a month the risk of asthma tripled. they are trying to find the link. the judge blocked a law requiring tobacco companies to include graphic images on cigarette packs showing the dangers of smokingch the judge called the labels -- smoking. judge called the labels raise issues involving free speech. cigarette makers challenged the decision by the fda. every warning would include a hotline 1-800-quit-now. antismoking antivisits are calling for an appeal. she says it was never hers to begin with. the owner of cafe hon will give up the rights to the word hon. why the change of heart ahead. and he can return, hop and open a bottle and pour drinks. not bad for a robot. why the creators say the human is on the verge of doing really important tasks. you will hear about it right here on "good morning maryland. what's new, now and next for you on this november 8th.
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now "good morning maryland. >> it's baltimore hon and the word belongs to the city. the owner of cafe hon relinquished her rights. she says she sought the trademark to protect the brand she built through her restaurant in the heart of hampden but news has -- that she registered the word caused a backlash that threatened not only -- threatened her business more than anything. >> no one can ever steal or take or own the spirit of baltimore. and i apologize from the bottom of my heart for all of the pain that i caused to everyone else. >> whiting says the cafe lost 25% of the business in the last year. a reality tv show could help the struggling restaurant. gordon ramsey is filming an episode of kitchen nightmares. he comes in and i didn't fies problem in the restaurant's
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kitchen and -- identifies problems in the restaurants restaurant's kitchen and improve them and that's the reality show. severe weather is fascinating they have been hammered with earthquakes, and then a tornado and a earthquake caught by the same tornado chase team. we showed you that in the last half-hour. severe weather may erupt. and it is in response to a cool pocket of air. upper level of pressure entering into texas. the cold air aloft gives the lift in the atmosphere from the warm, humid air and creates theviolent weather. essentially right along the sameboundary is where the action will be. east in the boundary essentially no problems on the east coast for it today. if anything we have fog to contend with this morning. you heard about fog delays in the eastern shore and maybe adding more to the list. keep it here and we will let you know if anything develops. frontal boundary to the west. warm air pulling out ahead of
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it. we have a cool pocket under light wind we will be watching a little push of warm air. see the streamer of clouds? that's sign of the atmosphere that did warmer air on the other side and we will tap into that. what you will notice on the future trend not much action but we will shift the winds to the east. we will add in more cloud cover and a system off the coast will get close. it won't bring much we may add more moisture to the front when it gets close on thursday. 69 today sunny and mild. back into the 40s overnight and patchy fog once again and we thicken the clouds tomorrowing a we aim for a high temperature of 64. 58 degrees will do it with showers. and the front passing on thursday. high only 49 friday. and we will warm back up quickly over the weekend 55 to 60. tanya. >> reporter: mta says bus and rail services are on time at this hour. in laurel we have a report of an accident, 198 at 95 on the ramp to 95 northbound. taking a live look at the beltway on the northwest side. 695 near 795 we have traffic building in both directions.
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outer loop is moving well at this point. but there's left overconstruction between baltimore national pike and 70 which could cause issuesp topside at harford road no issues or delays. traffic building in light in both directions. follow us on twitter at maryland traffic and we spell out maryland. around world a. new prime minister will be named in greece to replace the current prime minister. goal is to primarily secure a european rescue package. the european leaders are stepping up pressure for a quick resolution by holding back the vital rescue loan greece needs to prevent a potentially catastrophic refault. and honda's human row bat can balance itself and hop on one foot and open and pour bottles. and even almost think on its own. honda motor company demonstrated it at the to
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beingo suburban research facility. honda says some of the technology was used to develop a robotic arm to help with the nuclear crisis in northeastern japan. this is the robot first upgrade in four years. well, we have seen him before and here we go again a lot of people are out there waiting with their hands on the next hot video game. but what makes this one so special? waiting around for the cable guy is annoying any utility for that matter. but seems like a big waste of time and turns out a waste of money. wait until you hear how much money gets wasted on waiting. when good morning maryland" continues.
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now "good morning maryland." 5:27. there could be pretty tired people in your office today. and that's because the latest installment of the call of duty series was released at midnight. that is video shot overnight from gamers going on a game stop in towson trying to get their copy of call of duty 3- modern warfare. there's hype about the game and some analyst says it could replace the last call of duty
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installment as the best selling game of all times. it is rated mature and not recommended for children under 17 years old. instead of sitting and waiting for the cable time it's a waste of time and money. waiting for in-home service and appointments cost american workers 37.7 billion dollars a year. more than half of those polled say they waited an average 4 1/2 hours. a video is hard to watch. two older boys caught on video terrorizing 8-year-old on the bus. what school authorities man to do after seeing -- plan to do after seeing the footage. maybe he was looking to see what was on sale. what happened what deer made its way into a store. we will tell you what happened. a lot of people are upset. you are watching "good morning maryland. thanks for making us part of your tuesday morning. what can i get for you?i
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